Our Story

Growing plants successfully requires practice, attention to detail, and above all, patience. Perhaps coincidentally, the same can be said about writing great software. If you love both activities, you quickly find yourself writing software in an environment where the presence of plants is essential.

That’s exactly what had happened to our founder, Zoli, whose home office began to resemble an indoor jungle. Keeping said jungle organized and healthy had quickly become a daunting task. So he did what any sane person would in that situation. He used a spreadsheet to help him stay organized. Unfortunately, spreadsheets have their limitations and a “backlog” of absent features began turning into an idea: an app that keeps plants organized.

Another thing that became apparent to him was the seemingly scatterbrain nature of gardening and plant information in general. Plant hardiness data is often contradictory, common names misleading, to say nothing of plant mislabeling and just general chaos at nurseries and many garden centers. This industry desperately needs the power of software to keep it organized and consistent.

Red Frond Software was founded in January 2019.