Sprouted: The Palm Package

Cyrtostachys renda at Lyon Arboretum. Oahu, Hawaii.

Sprouted is a freemium app. This means that it is free for anyone to download and install from the App Store. However, there are premium features available that you can purchase after you’ve installed the app. For version 1.0 we have the Palm Package. It contains detailed information on the habitat, features, and cultural requirements of over 100 palm species. Many of these species today are rare in cultivation and it is our hope to increase awareness and promote the conservation of these magnificent plants.

Why Palms?

Palms have been a favorite of mine for as long as I’ve been growing plants. Their grace and exceptional beauty screams warmth, sunshine, and an atmosphere teeming with life. It is no accident that a large percentage of all plant species call the tropics their home. In addition, palms are incredibly diverse both morphologically and climatically.  Of the more than 2,500 known palm species across 185 genera, they range from 6 feet tall to over 120 feet, from the rainforest understory to deserts landscapes and across countless sandy beaches. Nearly all of them are beautiful and many of them (like the coconut) have great economic value in addition to their exceptionally picturesque appearance.

The palm package

Currently exactly 100 palm species will be included in the premium package in addition to the palms already included in the free tropical plant field guide that comes with the app. In time, additional species will be added and this number will slowly rise. The choice as to which species to include and in what order was largely based on my personal experience with growing them. Species that I have little to no experience with will not be included in the package, as I do not believe that I can give accurate information beyond what is already available online or in many books. 

Purchasers of the package will not need to re-purchase and will automatically receive all updates as they become available. It is my intention to grow this package to include as many palm species as I can get my hands on. It is only a question of time and available resources.

What about other plants families?

The plant world is vast and there are many more groups that can benefit from increased awareness and conservation. More packages may be built over time. One of our missions at Red Frond is to help gardeners and scientists in their work and provide them with the best tools available. Data from these “packages” will prove invaluable to them across many future applications both at Red Frond or outside. That is our intent at least. Time will tell whether we will succeed. 

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