Sprouted, iOS app coming soon

Sprouted, the latest iOS app from Red Frond Software is coming to the App Store this spring. It will be free to download with in-app purchases coming in the Fall of 2019. The app will ship ad-free and will remain that way in the future. All iPhone versions with iOS 12 installed will be supported.

Who is it for?

Sprouted, as its name implies, is a gardening app. More specifically, it is designed to be a companion app for gardeners specializing in container culture, indoors or out. It’s designed for individuals with lots of container plants, especially serious hobbyists and plant collectors, many of whom need very specific and up to date information on their plants. Owners of rare exotics, for example, which have very specific watering schedules or are difficult to replace, can especially benefit from our app.

Key Features

The built-in plant tracker. Adding a new plant to a collection is a breeze. Tracking features include, a plant photo gallery using the phone’s camera, latest watering, fertilization, and repotting dates, as well as a folder structure to keep things further organized.

Also included is a plant guide, which contains cultural information and photos for over 100 plants. Plants are viewable in a single list or by botanical family. Additional plants will be available for purchase later this year.

Less notable features include an import/export function to and from Excel, which can be used for either basic reporting purposes or as an additional backup solution.

Development Roadmap

There are far too many ideas to consider when thinking about what else can be added to Sprouted. A lot of what will be added down the road will come from feedback received from our users. User reviews are extremely valuable to us and we will take all suggestions and feedback seriously. Also, a sign-up form to our weekly newsletter will be available soon for those wishing to stay on top of development.

Keep ’em healthy!

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